this is a trail map of my mind. i’m the red dot. instead of climbing around a hierarchy tree, i’ve gotten somewhere. it’s a bit more possible to think of this as a landscape, now that i’ve landed in a place and can really explore it a bit more. i’m still technically jumping scales, but all of the different colours of detail seem more to me like chasing trails. when i lived in corvallis, i followed real forest trails until i came to their end or until they made loops or i ran out of time, and i kept a mental map of the branching points where there was a trail i hadn’t gone down yet. this is so much like that, because i see a small detail that might be important, or a specific paper that surely would be good to read, and it’s like a branching point in the trail i’m on. i have to make a mental (or physical) note of the fact that there’s a branching point there, and in the world of ideas there are SO MANY of them.

here’s what “progress” looks like:

~ by academicadventurer on November 11, 2012.

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