soil trip 2012

Maciej showing us some delicious arugula that was harvested just before we dug a neat soil pit.

click on photo for bigger version.

Instead of giving you an overview of what we did in a way that would just hop between branches all at the same level of the hierarchy, I want to fall into the leaf tips and just say three simple little tidbits, and then scale up into the bigger picture branches from there.

1. The Helmers. (People)

these super nice seed potato farmers in pemberton who had the cutest soft voices and genuine smiles, sun- and wind-burned cheeks. they gave us delicious carrots from their garden and let us climb all over their harvesting equipment. also they had a cute cute dog that was so rambunctious.

2. What kind of wild plant would you be? (Plants)

a liverwort? a succulent? a gallium? more on this soon.

3. Columnar basalt. (Geomorphology)

oh i guess i posted on this already. well it was very cool to see it in person. now that i think about it i didn’t actually touch any, but the waterfall was pretty darn cool. (that’s brandywine falls just off the sea-to-sky highway.)

~ by academicadventurer on October 1, 2012.

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