Idea dump 1

Some ideas that I want to go through in more detail when the time comes:

1. climbing around the trees of conceptual hierarchies. bouncing between the leaves and the mid-size branches and occasionally back to the trunks.

2. ecosystems as having an infinite number of interactions because of the possibility for relationships between relationships. how does this relate to where you draw boundaries around objects/nodes? can the fact that a relationship between thing A and thing B is affected by the relationship between thing A and thing C imply somehow that thing A and thing B are thing AB? need to think through.

3. thresholds, aka non-linear affects, as being related to feedbacks. changing slope = indicative of feedback? or are there other system-style effects with same outcome?

4. what does it mean to be a complex system studying complex system using a complex system to think about it as well as record it and send emails about it and write blogs about it

so meta


5. exploration website that uses a hierarchical scale network as the spatial map, where you drill down into tiny bits of an ecosystem and then scale up to big picture stuff. simple flash with a little map in the corner that can be toggled between organism-based grouping and process-based grouping.

~ by academicadventurer on September 27, 2012.

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